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What Makes Us Different From Other Reputation Management Companies?

Why you needs to trust us?

You needs to trust us because we know the root cause of problem, just need to make strong strategy to beat the link. We have researched the project properly and know how we can suppress the link as well as we have a good record of removing negative links.

Why we should work for the project?

We should work for the project because we have de-indexed and suppressed many links of Ripoff. So, we are confident enough that we can remove this link too.

What exactly you do here?

Our purpose is to observe and monitor your business on certain websites and ensure that there are positive opinions at the top of search results or most current. We are able to perform it by everyday monitoring the sites, and then we post new reviews every month. We work with the business owner to get those reviews from several sources. We are unique from other reputation companies because our service is very affordable, and we work with business owners and managements for reviews that matter.

What Makes You Different From Other Reputation Management Companies?

We are very unique in comparison to other companies and we truly monitor your businesses online reputation every day; moreover we work with the business to promote happy customers to give us the reviews, so we can post the testimonials. Lastly we employ five attorneys, who help to eliminate reviews that are blatantly fake.

How to Handle Negative Online Reviews of My Business?

  • Search your company/user name
  • Sign up for paid tools.
  • Analyze review sites
  • Monitor social media
  • Offset the negative content

We do have online crime investigation team, which will thoroughly investigate for where these negative reviews are cropping up. After analyzing fully, a conclusion will be drawn to tackle your situation.

Can you eliminate these bad reviews?

This would depend on if the review was fraudulent. Our OCI (online crime investigation) team will get you the required results.

How quickly can you start?

We usually assemble a group on the day we receive an authorized agreement. By the next day, we will be in touch with you and will get our preliminary analysis underway. The “execution” phase starts when we’ve got the essential background data-and that is up to you.

Can You Just Get Rid of That Stuff?

We are normally asked, “Can’t you just get that bad stuff about me/my business off the Internet?” This is not a usual situation, but we can try. In case the bad postings can be identified, and we can find the webmaster of the (blog, forum, etc.), we may be able to claim for removal. We’ve been quite successful with these circumstances. If the bad posting is actually defamatory or libelous, we may be able to bring a legal solution to tolerate. But, one needs to keep in mind that most postings to the Internet are not quickly removed. In most cases, we reduce negative listings rather than remove them.

How Long Does It Take?

It all depends on the level of the damage. If there are only a few negative postings and they are in “manageable” property, we may be able to finish a project in a month or two. But a large number of postings, or postings on high-profile sites, can require a lengthy strategy.

Is the Repair Permanent?

For the huge majority of our projects, once we have achieved domination of the top search engine results for your “positive content” (the content that replaces the negative postings), the repair is permanent. Even new bad postings are not able to take over those rank positions. We have, in effect, achieved “dominance.”

Who Writes the Positive Information About Me or My Business?

We will offer you a number of choices. One of them is that you write the content or provide content that we can use. We can also use information templates that we’ve designed or, in rare cases, use a professional writer from our team to create new material. We will address this problem at the beginning phase of your project.